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 Tru Lash Fidelity Co


About Your Lash Tech

My name is Ajailah. I started my own business because I got tired of working for other people. I became annoyed with dealing with biased, unfair, obnoxious managers and coworkers. I began looking into building my own brand to coincide with my passion for cosmetology. I became adamant with making sure that my appearance is always being up to par. This obsession started in elementary school (5th grade), believe it or not lol. Everything needed to be in place and pretty at all times. I always received compliments on my eyes because they are shaped like "cat eyes". The only thing that I wanted back then, and even now, is a nice full set of natural eyelashes. In 2018, I invested into mastering the art of executing the PERFECT application of eyelash extensions. I became dedicated to making sure that EVERYONE were satisfied with their eyelashes. With a little help from me of course. Whether you want lash strips, or semi-permanent eye lash extensions, TruLashFidelityCo is where the beauty resides! 

(Lashes : "Cotton Candy" Mink Lash Strips)

Benefits of Becoming a TruMink Doll:

What to Expect from me:

  • 20% off of 1 pair of  TruMink lash strips after your 2nd Full Set Appointment!

  • $10 off of 1 full set of your choice after your 5th Full Set Appointment!

  • $5 off  of 1 lash fill of every 3 months!

  • You can always expect respect, comfortability, honesty, loyalty, and accountability while in my care. This expectation is set for both online purchases and in person appointments. Your happiness and satisfaction is my #1 priority!

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